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Il Tuo Partner Energetico

Perché il futuro è di chi lo sa immaginare e Progettare, insieme.

About us

The Luminae “Vision”

The Human Being, the Social Communities, the Industrial Systems are at the center and recipients of Luminae’s highest and most transversal technological innovation capacity for economic and social development and for a future that is sustainable for all.

Luminae aims to improve people’s lives, the dignity of workers, to guarantee the integrity and respect for human rights, gender, economic, cultural and social differences, in its broadest expression and as a full realization of the human being integrated with the Environment and with all Ecosystems to be safeguarded for oneself and for future generations.

The Luminae “Purpose”

The Luminae objectives and goals consist in changing the paradigms and rules to operate a development economy compatible with the environment and with all the ecosystems that are part of the planet, in full support of the UN SDGs and the necessary instances of the Circular Economy, towards a “net zero carbon” goal for the reduction of carbon emissions in its own business and in those of its “supply chain” as well as offsetting emissions that are difficult to avoid in the short term “hard to abate“.

Luminae was born from an idea among the best skills and knowledge to offer products and services resulting from the most advanced technological innovation in the fields of renewable energy, engineering with a high rate of technological and process innovation in the fields of sustainable construction, software and electronics, digitization and products intended for medical equipment and instruments for people care and all living beings.

The Luminae “Mission”

Luminae’s mission consists in transferring innovative technological and process solutions available to national and international markets, resulting from the most advanced cross-sectional research and scientific application, in interconnecting skills, knowledge and know-how, at the service of a fair economic, social and civil progress of Humanity and its Customers.

Because the future belongs to those who know how to imagine and plan it: together.

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